Independent singles

New waves of senior backpackers are travelling along side the traditional pre-university student. You can decide to travel solo or you may choose to meet a travel companion online at the travel forum.

As with touring, traveling as an independent single has its pros and cons:


  1. The world is your oyster as far as flexibility goes – do what you want, when you want
  2. You can be more open to meeting new people. You are more likely to strike up conversation or make an effort on getting to know others than if you travel with someone
  3. You have the final say on your itinerary – 5 star, budget or a bit of both
  4. Sleep in! No early starts if you don’t want them
  5. The experience can often be quite empowering


  1. Eating out alone the first few times may be a bit uncomfortable, but take a book. And don’t let travelling solo stop you from eating out
  2. The dreaded single supplement. We can whine all we want, but it is unfortunately a fact of life
  3. No-one to ‘wow’ with or share the experience when you see those Pyramids for the first time
  4. Taking photos
  5. It does get lonely sometimes on long trips

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