Which On Cruise Ship Jobs to Take

Love to cruise?  Then we have found a way for you to be paid to cruise. Cruising is the fastest-growing travel sector worldwide.  There can be over 200 different on cruise ship jobs vacancy on any one ship with many opportunities for professionals whether you are looking to build a career or have a bit of fun with retirement or semi-retirement. Working on a cruise ship is great for seniors to travel, particularly if you cannot afford to pay to cruise as often as you would like.  This is a great way to do it.

Cruise ships cater to all sorts of different people – mature age customers, singles, and families,  so companies are always seeking a wide range of skills and backgrounds. In the next 5 years, more than 50 new cruise ships will be launched in this booming industry.  This means lots of on-cruise ship job vacancies will be available with a wide variety of skills required.

The types of jobs are wide and varied:  childcare workers, entertainment specialists, retail staff, photographers, production staff, counselors, gym instructors, tour guides, dance instructors, teachers, and plenty more.  Great cruise jobs for seniors include: 

Gentlemen Host.  Gentlemen hosts are single men who’s job is to entertain and dance with mature single cruise customers.  You generally need to be 45+.  In exchange for dancing and chatting, you are given free room and board on the ship.  You literally get paid to have fun.
On-Board Lecturer:  Most cruise lines offer a series of lectures held throughout the day, it is a very popular form of entertainment.  Topics generally include history, art, health and well being, politics, science, and any sort of interesting topic really.  If you are suitably qualified in your field and appointed as an onboard lecturer, you will generally receive free room and board on the ship.

Arts and crafts teachers:  Cruise ships are always looking for fresh topics.  So if you are a knitter extraordinaire or specialise in scrapbooking, there could be a place for you on the ship.  No hobby is too obscure, if you can teach it, let them know.

If you are interested in pursuing on cruise ship jobs, I can recommend the eBook How To Work On a Cruise Ship.  The book is written by Derek Baron, an ex- cruise ship tour manager.  He goes through the pros and cons of working on a ship, the types of jobs available, and what to expect on-board.  He also gives great tips on how to write your application and the types of things that go down well in the interview.  There is also a good description of all the cruise companies and the type of people they like to employ.  Click here for more.

Or if you are just happy to be a passenger on a ship, without the work, you will find your perfect cruise ship with Cruiseabout.  They are a large company owned by Flight Centre with great deals.



Bronwyn White

Bronwyn White is a travel and tourism industry professional with more than 30 years of experience.  Her special interest is helping retirees, semi-retired baby boomers enjoy the dream of travel.  She loves to help them plan and get the most out of this time.