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We all look forward to our well-earned holiday and for the vast majority their trip is full of happy memories, but it is worth remembering that without adequate senior travel insurance protection, being abroad and having a medical emergency can be a serious problem. Here are a couple of true stories about events that took place whilst the people concerned were on holiday in a foreign country.

A surfing trip to Bali ended abruptly for one young couple. when the hotel balcony collapsed throwing the woman headfirst into the concrete below and leaving her with serious injuries that required urgent medical evacuation. The woman suffered a fall of approx 9 feet directly onto the concrete below whilst taking photos from the balcony when the railing which is believed to have been rotten, simply gave way.

The Doctor at the clinic where she had been taken discovered that she had a fractured neck and had suspected internal bleeding. She was breathing erratically and it was quickly established that they did not have the facilities to treat her adequately in that location.  Fortunately, the couple had arranged medical insurance for the trip and were able to arrange a transfer to a better-equipped hospital whilst awaiting emergency medical evacuation to the nearest major facility in her own country. Her internal injuries and diagnosis meant that every second was vital. An air ambulance was provided by her insurer and when her condition had stabilised, arrangements were made to fly her home where she made a full recovery.

Another true story also acts as a reminder that it is good practice to familiarise yourself with any particular known diseases or conditions that are known to be a regular problem in the region where you are travelling to. Cambodia is a good case in point, as health officials there are fully aware of an annual outbreak of what is called Dengue Fever.  One young traveller caught Dengue Fever in Cambodia in early July. He contacted his insurer after a number of days feeling very unwell. As they were aware of the existence of the condition in the area they were able to provide sound medical advice on treating the condition before the situation became critical.

Cambodia normally takes measures each year to try and reduce cases of Dengue during the peak season for the outbreak which is the months of June and July. The disease is carried by mosquitos and the local government has been trying to implement a scheme to reduce the number of infections, with some success, but visitors have to remain vigilant.

We all want to enjoy a peaceful and relaxing holiday and of course, it has to be stressed that the vast majority of people travel to foreign countries and enjoy a trouble-free stay. It is always worth spending a little time not just researching your holiday destination for places of interest but also to do a little research using sites such as the World Health Organisation who provide excellent advice on any known health problems in the area you are going to. It is also wise to ensure that you have adequate insurance for peace of mind as being caught up in a medical emergency can of course be very stressful but even more so in a foreign climate.
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