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Long-haul flights come hand in hand with your travelling dreams, especially if you are departing from anywhere near the UK! Although most methods of air travel cater for a variety of needs, the fact still remains that you will be unable to escape your surroundings for a number of hours, sometimes even days if you have connecting flights. If the claustrophobia doesn’t startle you, being confined to a chair or an aisle for such a length of time can be a daunting thought especially as you get older. But worry no more as we have listed some tips on how to beat jet lag.

Even the most seasoned of backpackers and travellers continue to feel the effects of long haul flights, with many suffering severe jetlag as a result. To combat your fatigue, try taking note of our top tips to cope with long flights. Hopefully, they’ll allow you to step off that plane and embrace your new destination with energy and excitement!

Reduce Your Flight Transfers

In order to get the best out of your travel time, it’s essential that you plan your journey to perfection. This means knowing your schedule before you even get on your flight, so don’t break-up your journey by transferring planes a few times along the way. Flight transfers may seem a good idea if you want a rest from the inside of an aeroplane, but taking a direct flight is always better in the long run. Of course, changing flights is a lot cheaper if you’re on a budget, but if you can afford it, we recommend heading straight to your destination to avoid the jetlag hangover.

Exercise the Day Before

The longer you’re sitting in your seat, and the more uncomfortable you get, the more you’ll wish you could just get up and exercise. The day before you leave for your travels, make sure you wear yourself out at the gym, ensuring your legs get the brunt of the workout. Not only will exercise release chemicals in your body that reduce stress, but a good work-out will also tire you out for the flight, meaning you’ll find it much easier to nod off! This is especially important the older you are, as your bones and joints are not what they used to be.

Window Seats

If you like your comfort on a plane, then make sure you reserve a window seat well in advance. These seats, unless you’re relaxing in first class, are the only places where you can rest your head on a hard surface (with a pillow of course) – unlike the centre or aisle seats. Furthermore, if you don’t want to sleep, the view will make excellent entertainment!

Drink Lots of Fluids

Water (not alcohol) is the key to getting the best from your flight. Spending hours sitting down, breathing in refurbished air can leave you dehydrated, and you don’t want to assume that water is free on your flight either! This means taking in as many fluids as you can before, during and after your journey. Although the free wine, beer and salted peanuts may be hard to turn down, they will most certainly leave you feeling weary once you land.

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