5 Most Memorable Aussie Motorbike Roadtrips

Whether you’ve always wanted to hop on a motorcycle or are an experienced rider, Australia offers a number of world famous routes. Passing through spectacular coastline scenery and quaint country farmland, the following are five of Australia’s most memorable motorcycle tours.
1. The Great Tropical Drive
When you take this drive from Cairns to Townsville, you can really take your time and enjoy the wind in your hair. The motorway is lined with palm trees and lush tropical greenery, making it a stunning stretch of road for bikers. You’ll pass natural wonders like the Great Barrier Reef and Mission beach along the way, so you’ll want to be sure to give yourself plenty of time to meander along at your own speed. Port Douglas and Daintree are two towns worth stopping in as well, for their laid-back way of life and excellent seaside cafes.
2. The Great Ocean Road
Another scenic Oceanside journey, the Great Ocean Road can be explored in a single day trip, for those short on time. Groups often depart from Melbourne, if you prefer to travel in the safety of a guided tour. You’ll enjoy winding roads with magnificent views along the 180-mile road from Melbourne to Petersbrough, with no shortage of stopping points to get out and stretch your legs while enjoying the sights.
3. Hobart to Hobart, Tasmania
For those who are willing to get a bit more off the beaten path, a tour around Tasmania offers thrilling roads for bikers. Many motorists choose to buy a trusty used KTM or Harley on the mainland from bikesales.com.au, and then bring it over on the ferry. In addition to winding roads, you’ll also enjoy unspoiled wilderness and the intriguing culture and history of Tasmania’s various towns. Although it’s possible to tour around the island in three days, senior bikers will probably want to allow more time for breaks and enjoying the sights in Launceston and Hobart.
4. The Great Alpine Road
This route is more suitable for experienced bikers, due to its higher altitude and level of difficulty. However, if you love a real thrill you won’t want to miss the Great Alpine Road, considered to be one of Australia’s best for motorcycles. It starts from Myrtleford and climbs up into the Snowy Mountains, often with windy roads and tight corners. As you get to the top you can enjoy dramatic mountain vistas and a panoramic view over the landscape, leading to the quaint ski resort town of Hotham where you can take a well-deserved rest.
5. Sydney to Brisbane
Taking the back roads from Sydney to Brisbane is another advanced tour for motorcycle enthusiasts, providing plenty of room to enjoy the sights and quaint country towns. One stretch particularly beloved by motorcyclists is Putty Road, which winds through thick forests into Hunter Valley. Here you can stop to tour the wineries or enjoy a picnic before heading on your way through scenic farmland.
Safety Tips
Safety is important for all riders, but particularly for beginning motorcyclists and senior travellers. You’ll want to plan your route according to season, avoiding any extreme weather which could wash out roads or lead to dehydration. It’s best to travel in groups, and there are numerous organised tours which can help you get started if you’re new to motorcycles. Finally, give yourself ample time to explore, as this not only allows you to rest but to enjoy all the gorgeous scenery along the way!

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