Holidaying Across The Ditch: Top Places in New Zealand

For any Australians travelling to New Zealand, you’re probably already aware of the beautiful scenery and diverse culture that awaits you. If you’re planning to cross the ditch for your next holiday, be sure to check out one, or all, of these top places in New Zealand.


– The heart of New Zealand, Auckland is just a car ride away from some of the best hiking trails, shopping precincts and beaches in New Zealand. A vibrant city just waiting to be discovered, Auckland is one of the best places to visit.

Rotorua Thermal Springs

– Famous throughout the entire world, the geothermal springs of Rotorua are visited by thousands of tourists every year. The multi-coloured waters will entrance you, as you relax and feel the true power of Mother Nature at her greatest.


– A visit to Marlborough is a must for connoisseurs of wine or anyone planning a romantic or relaxing getaway. Vineyard tours are available daily, providing a relaxing afternoon of wine tasting.

White Island

– Just a short boat ride from the top of the North Island, white island is an active volcano. Providing visitors with an endless supply of photo opportunities and breathtaking scenery, this is a must see New Zealand attraction.

The Western Coast of the South Island

– In this region, visitors will have the opportunity to explore the natural wonders of breathtaking glaciers. Nestled amongst a picturesque rainforest, a number of ancient glaciers can be seen by hiking, kayaking or sky diving.

The South Island

– If you’re planning a winter holiday, you cannot visit New Zealand without taking the opportunity to ski some of the best runs in the world, all located on the South Island.

Bay of Islands

– Possibly one of the most historically significant places throughout all of New Zealand, travellers can visit the site where the country’s founding document was signed in the mid-1800s. Not only is the Bay of Islands perfect for history buffs, but it is also famous for spanning beaches and secluded coves.

Queenstown In Winter

While they are some of the best things about Queenstown in the Summer, the Winter seasons are really when things come alive! This snow heaven sees travellers from around the globe flying in to take advantage of the awesome Queenstown powder. There’s loads of ski resorts offering Queenstown accommodation around this period, but you must book them in advance as they sell out quickly!


– A trip to any country, without visiting the capital city, would not be complete. Surrounded by beautiful mountain ranges, tourists can climb, trek or hike to gain the best vantage points of the picturesque Wellington Harbour.

Visit the Waitomo Caves

– The Waitomo Caves are truly a site to be seen. The roof lining of the enormous caves has been described as peering up at the night sky, whilst deep under the ground. Upon visiting the caves, you will easily see how this description came about, as thousands of glow worms covering the roof of the cave, provide the illusion of thousands of shining stars.

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