Maldives Cruise: The Ultimate Paradise Reality

Dreaming of white sand, turquoise warm waters, and a place where you can do as much or as little as you like? A Maldives cruise is the ultimate paradise reality. As soon as you visit The Maldives you quickly realise why it is called the ‘Jewel of the Indian Ocean’.

Made up of over 1200 coral reefs The Maldives offers a first-class cruising experience. With its abundance of marine life and lagoons, the best way to see the Maldives is by boat. When you cruise in The Maldives you will experience first hand the best diving and snorkeling sites. If you prefer to soak up the rays reading a book while taking in the scenery a boat atop The Maldives famed waters is undoubtedly the best place.

Over 70 different species of coral populate this water wonderland. Even the most experienced snorkeler will be amazed at the creatures that live below the surface. With more than 700 species of fish calling the waters of The Maldives home you are guaranteed a once in a lifetime experience.  Beneath the calm surface, the rare giant Napoleon Wrasse can be found as well anemones and underwater coral gardens. Divers will be entranced with the whale sharks, manta rays, and turtles.

For those who prefer to stay onboard the crystal clear water means you won’t miss out. Lie on deck and watch the fish swimming next to your boat. You will quickly discover why The Maldives has been called a giant aquarium. Pull into one of the many palm-fringed lagoons and enjoy a picnic. By cruising The Maldives you will experience all this paradise has to offer. Spread over 90,000 square kilometers and made up of 1,190 islands surrounded by 26 natural atolls the only way to really see The Maldives is by boat. With over 99 percent of the country is made up of water, it makes cruising in The Maldives are a unique and rewarding experience.

A cruise aboard the Atoll Explorer will have you wanting to return within minutes of disembarking. With the best diving, swimming, and snorkeling coupled with outstanding accommodation and fresh food, the Atoll Explorer is the ultimate way to explore The Maldives. On-board the Atoll Explorer, you will find a fully equipped Dive school and instructors who know where the best sites are.

The Atoll Explorer provides as many memorable experiences to the non-diver as it does for divers. Explore remote islands, float in calm lagoons, or just doze in the sun – the choice is yours when holidaying on the Atoll Explorer. Great thought and care is put into the itinerary to make sure each guest’s needs are catered for. The Atoll Explorer prides itself on its relaxed vibe and personalised service.

If moonlit beach barbeques, days swimming in crystal lagoons, and experiencing some of the best dive spots in the world are your idea of the perfect holiday then a cruise around The Maldives aboard the Atoll Explorer is the ultimate choice. A holiday with the Atoll Explorer is a holiday in paradise.  Click here for more information.

Bronwyn White

Bronwyn White is a travel and tourism industry professional with more than 30 years of experience.  Her special interest is helping retirees, semi-retired baby boomers enjoy the dream of travel.  She loves to help them plan and get the most out of this time.

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